What Dreams Are Made Of

Today is a day of celebration and reflection as it marks one-year from publishing my first book – “The Essence of Being”*. This mother-daughter collaboration has been very special to me because it has taught me that dreams are very much real. I have learned to truly believe in myself, mostly thanks to my mom, as she continues to push me to dream bigger, and excitingly encourages me every time I share my hopes and dreams. In working together to learn more about our relationship as creators, as well as our relationship with each other, we have had to dig deep to unfold what it is we want to share with the world. In committing ourselves so entirely to the process, we have had to overcome many difficult lessons, and while we are still learning, I think it is fair to say that dreams are every bit of hope, struggle, faith, fear, love, doubt, and responsibility.

So what do dreams have to do with mindfulness and why are they important?

  1. Dreams are important because dreams are thoughts. Being mindful means to be aware of one’s thoughts, emotions, and feelings. Some misunderstand mindfulness (or meditation) as the absence of thought. It is the awareness of those thoughts. Mindfulness is defined as a moment by moment awareness.

  2. You are the creator of your dreams, just as you are of your thoughts. You hold the power to create and choose the life that you want.

  3. The mind is powerful. If you can dream it, you can do it. What is your vision and what do you want to manifest? Write it down. Or better still, take five minutes to sit down and meditate on this.

    • Mindful 5-Minute Meditation Exercise: Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Bring your mind and body to the present (inhale for 5 seconds, hold for 5, exhale for 5, and then repeat 5 times). Take a moment to visualize your dream. Think about achieving the dream. Notice all the details of how you would carry yourself and note how others will be responding to you.  

  4. Dreams don’t work unless you do. Put in the work and stay dedicated. You have to create certain habits to dream big, just as you create mindful habits to practice being present.

  5. Failure is part of dreaming. Nobody is perfect, and mindfulness reminds us of just that. We can learn to accept what is, and we should not be afraid of what might be.

  6. A dream is not a goal or destination – like happiness, it is a way of life. Have you had a dream come true, and then realized that it is just the first step of something even greater? It takes a dream to build another dream, and each one teaches you that dreaming is a way of life. Mindfulness and being present is also a way of life.

We live in a world where people think you are crazy if you are following your dreams. I encourage you to take sometime today to write down your dreams, big and small. Stay committed to them everyday, and then watch them unfold as they come true. You might even be surprised as a dream may not come true all at once, but instead in pockets of small moments where you will have to step back and realize that this is what dreams are made of.

*Join Natasha Shoro and myself at Soka University of America’s Founder’s Hall Art Gallery as we share more about our mother-daughter journey on “The Essence of Being.” I will also be leading guided meditations as each of these workshops. All events are free and open to the public. Event info can be found here.

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