The Mother-Daughter Journey

How did I come to find mindfulness?

When I first began to learn about mindfulness, I realized that I had been practicing it all my life.

I actually had it within me all this time. Between writing my poetry, exhibiting my photography for the first time with my mother and translating her art journey into The Essence of Being book, and researching happiness for my graduate school work, I discovered that to me, mindfulness is happiness.

Although my mom and I realized that our creative natures overlapped more so in the past several years of working together (it all started in 2012), we really started this journey together when I was in her womb, and I am grateful to be sharing my creativity with someone so special. The focus of my mom and I working together has been about being present in our creative work, reflective in our daily lives, and waking up grateful each morning. Her eyes light up as much as mine when we talk about what it means to be so mindfully and blissfully present.

In working through writing poetry and developing my photography, I witnessed myself being in my happiest state and devoted myself to reflecting on this very question every day: What made me happy today? Mindfulness invites happiness into every moment of my life, and the more I practice, the more connected I feel to myself.

Thank you to those that attended our past two mindful sessions in the art gallery. We are preparing for and looking forward to our last session next month!

Please join us at our last free art meditation workshop in the gallery:

Join the mother-daughter duo for a discussion on The Essence of Being book, as Natasha shares more about her inspirational journey on the Earth, Air, Fire and Water exhibition and her daughter Anushe leads participants through a mindful meditation on the theme of “FIRE.”

Thursday, August 29th 4:30pm - 6:00pm
Finding Your Inner Flame” in Founders Hall Art Gallery at Soka University of America
1 University Drive, Aliso Viejo CA 92656

EARTH, WIND, FIRE & WATER Solo Exhibition runs May 17 - August 31
Gallery hours: 9:00 am-5:00 pm
Weekdays only

Read more about my mom’s current exhibition in Irvine Weekly: Natasha Shoro writes about her current show, “My love for nature has led me to live in the moment and thus be aware of my inner being and emotion. My emotions respond to the elements: earth, air, fire and water, which are themes prominent to my work. This body of work in particular celebrates my emotional relationship with nature and it is through these elements that I am able to unfold my inner being.”

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