Sometimes The Little Things Are The Big Things


Walking into the 10th Annual AIA Orange County Annual Artwalk, I was not expecting to see a ribbon on my photograph “Sometimes The Little Things Are The Big Things.” Although it is just a ribbon, to me it serves as a reminder that all my dreams matter, and that no dream is too big.

This photograph means a lot to me for many reasons:

1) I remember the exact time and place, and feeling I had when capturing this moment.

2) This photo was taken on my mom’s birthday in 2015, soon after we found out she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

3) This was my highlight photo in the mother-daughter show “The Essence of Being” in 2016.

4) It is published in the book!

5) This is my first photo award.

6) As I look at this photo again and again over time, I look at it differently as I see my reflection in it, evolving. And it always sends me the same message: everything you are trying to achieve is right in front of you, in your hands. The realization that you have already achieved it comes in small moments.

I am so grateful. I guess the universe always knows how to nudge me.

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