The Act of Sitting with Yourself

When was the last time you sat down in silence?

Each morning we rise, our minds are already running at full speed. Immediately we start planning our day, our goals, our meals, and begin checking off the tasks from our to-do list. What we tend to forget to prioritize, is to be. Instead of taking a step back from the clutter, and allowing ourselves space to be aware of what our mind and body is experiencing, we jump fully and completely into our wants and needs, chasing happiness. And when we are not satisfied, we fill the pockets of time that we have available through plugging into our phones so we can feel “connected.” Addicted to constantly having to feed our brains information, we surf, scroll, text, and clear out our inboxes, tied to this endless cycle of doing as we are scared of just bee-ing. Why are we so afraid of silence? To quiet our minds from a long day, we switch on the tv or play music, even if it is just for background noise. We are afraid to listen to the noise in our minds and hesitant to actually connect with ourselves. Sometimes we may not even be ready to accept the emotions and thoughts that we have swept under the rug, and thus we keep shutting off the silence.

May is Mental Health Awareness month and I challenge you to be more kind to yourself. Invite yourself to spend at least 20 minutes of your day to just bee. Set a timer and mute your phone, with no place to go or nothing to do, just practice being. Because you deserve it. As you sit with yourself, pay attention to your breath without any urge to slow it down or speed it up. Recognize the rising and falling of your chest and be aware of your thoughts and sensations, in the mind and body. In quieting the mind, we are not silencing it. Rather, we are gaining a greater awareness of the thoughts we are thinking and allowing ourselves to become the observer of our being. The more aware you are of your inner being, you will notice an increasing external awareness, and feel more connected.

If you would like to participate in the #MayYouBeeChallenge, please read below.

For #mentalhealthawarenessmonth, I am doing a 4-week #MayYouBee instagram challenge on helping you achieve your mindful goals.
- Week 1 (May 1st - May 8th) will focus on Awareness
- Week 2 (May 9th - May 15th) will be about Happiness
- Week 3 (May 16th - May 22nd) will focus on Gratitude
- Week 4 (May 23rd - May 30th) will focus on Self-Compassion
- May 31st: winner announced!

Here are the RULES:
1. Each week you should post a photo of something that shows how you practiced mindfulness, using the theme of the week.
2. Tag @justbee.anushe 
3. Tag #MayYouBeeChallenge
4. Tag 3 friends in each post to invite to the challenge.
5. Have fun!

I will be gifting a flower print of the photograph below to the most engaged participant! If you do not have Instagram, Facebook is okay too (tag Just Bee by Anushe and your friends!), or please share your weekly photo with me and three people of your choosing via email. My email address is

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