Anushe and Just Bee

Although I have aways known that my name Anushe means happiness, I did not begin to explore my relationship with happiness until recently. In graduate school, I decided to focus my research on happiness, and the more I learned, the more I realized that my relationship with happiness has a lot to do with mindfulness. As a child I was always observant and spent a lot of time outdoors in nature. I have memories of picking flowers, smelling rain, and soaking my skin under the sun. I recall these memories by reflecting and writing poetry, which I have been doing since I was seven years old. Fast forward twenty years later, I am now able to define my childhood experience as a mindful one. Until 2015 I did not know much about mindfulness, let alone even realize that my childhood habits could be defined as mindfulness. As I began to follow this path of mindfulness, I noticed the presence of bees in my life. Call it coincidence, or destiny, but I understood it as a way the universe was speaking to me. I followed the bees in search of understanding my purpose, and it led me here - to Just Bee.

I have launched Just Bee by Anushe to share my mindfulness practice with the world. As a poet and writer, I am committed to sharing my words and thoughts as they relate to mindfulness. As a photographer, I want to continue to share my mindful practice through visually sharing my relationship with nature. As a leader, I have been facilitating mindfulness workshops and speaking at different events on mental wellness since 2015, and am now making it a priority to spread Just Bee’s mission to inspire happiness and mindfulness in people’s every day lives.

Anushe Shoro